Values that Drive Our Business

Integrity – We believe in doing the right things, always, and in all circumstances. We do this by being trustworthy and dependable, being open and honest in dealings with others, by setting realistic expectations and by creating strong interpersonal relationships.

Market Focus – We believe that all our organizational decisions should consider the impact on our customers, suppliers and the markets we serve.

Innovation – We believe that investing in intellectual capital creates superior value. Investments in intellectual capital allows us to more effectively explore new markets, recognize new growth opportunities and drive organizational efficiency.

Teamwork – We believe we can achieve great things working together. We do this by being honest and reliable, engaging in strong communications and have a positive attitude. We share our time, energy and knowledge with others to ensure we all succeed.

Respect – We believe that behaviors matter. The performance of our team members involves not just the quality of their work but the quality of their behaviors as well.

Fairness – We believe in DITO, DITA. Do it to One. Do it to All. We pursue standardized policies that allow us to make good decisions that are free from favoritism, discrimination, or dishonesty.

Competency – We believe that all our team members should develop and possess the skills and behaviors to be effective in their positions.

Efficiency – We believe that opportunity costs are real costs and that tradeoffs matter. Every choice that we make – including how we spend our time – meant that we have proactively chosen not to pursue an alternative.