Wastebuilt is pleased to announce a new line of heavy-duty brake chambers sold under the Fleetbuilt® brand. These high-quality brake chambers include a sealed tapper proof chamber, heavy-duty diaphragms, corrosion-resistant construction and a 1-year warranty.

Included in the new Fleetbuilt brake chamber lineup are the popular 3030S and 3030SL models, as well as piggyback kits, service chambers, and Type 18/24 models. Information on Fleetbuilt Brake Chambers can be found under the Chassis Parts section of our website or you can download our PDF brochure.

More About Spring Brakes and Service Brakes

Brake chambers, also known as Spring Brakes or Service Chambers, are easily one of the more critical parts in any vehicle’s braking system. All vehicles with air brakes must have a way of stopping if the service brake system fails. Most vehicle manufacturers combine this emergency braking system with a parking-brake system using Spring Brakes.

All air brake systems use some sort of vacuum chamber to store and release energy to either engage or disengage the brakes. A complete brake chamber also serves as the “emergency brake” for an air brake system as a vacuum is required to release the spring inside the “emergency brake” chamber (this also creates a “dead man’s switch” effect to assist the truck in stopping if it were to ever lose air pressure during operation).

Unlike Service Brakes, Spring Brakes are not air applied. They apply the brake when air pressure leaves the brake chamber and releases when air pressure builds up in the chamber.

Spring Brake chambers are also different in appearance from Service Brake chambers. To accommodate the large coil spring, a section must be added to the service brake chamber that is clearly visible and adds significantly to its size. The Spring Brake section is “piggy-backed” onto the Service Brake section and these two sections function as two separate chambers. The portion nearest the pushrod end is the Service Brake section and it works in the same manner as a separately mounted Service Brake chamber.

To release the Spring Brakes, air pressure (~60 psi) must be supplied to the spring brake chamber to compress or “cage” the spring. If system pressure is below this set point (~60 psi), the Spring Brake starts applying because there is no longer enough pressure to keep them released (See diagrams above).

The large coil spring used in the Spring Brake chamber is compressed under very high tension. Tampering, damage or corrosion can cause the spring to release, resulting in sudden violent motion of parts in the air brake chamber/system. Since this can be very hazardous, never attempt to service or repair any air brake chamber.

What is Fleetbuilt?

Fleetbuilt is a Wastebuilt private-label brand of high-quality replacement parts for fleets of all shapes and sizes. From Light-Duty thru Heavy-Duty, the Fleetbuilt offering will evolve to include a wide range of products in various categories including brake components, wheel-in components, silicone hoses and more. Fleetbuilt replacement parts are sold exclusively through Wastebuilt locations across the U.S.

About Wastebuilt

Founded in 2012, Wastebuilt is based in Bolingbrook, IL, and operates 12 branch locations in the US. Wastebuilt represents leading refuse equipment OEMs (New Way, Galfab, Swaploader, Tymco, etc.), plus hundreds of national brands to support the parts and service needs of fleet customers. Fleetbuilt offers same-day delivery in 11 metropolitan areas with 1-2 day shipping to most U.S. customers. To learn more or check product availability and pricing, contact Wastebuilt at 855-927-8328.

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