The Wastebuilt ASL Arm Repair Program gives refuse fleets with automated collection equipment a cost effective and reliable replacement for these high-wear components. Wastebuilt has extensive experience repairing/refurbishing most arm makes and models.


  • Fast turnaround, reducing downtime
  • Substantial savings as compared to buying new
  • Wastebuilt refurbishes/repairs most leading makes and models
  • OEM quality replacement parts are used throughout the process; 90%+ made in USA
  • Standardized process and scope nationwide for locations using the Wastebuilt program

Two Convenient Options

  • In-Shop Swap: Bring the truck to our shop and we will replace the used arm with a refurbished arm within 24 hours (additional time and material charges apply)
  • Direct Shipping: Wastebuilt will ship a refurbished arm to our customer’s location and schedule its core return.  (orders will ship by LTL carrier within 24 hours with an expected 24 to 48 hour transit time)

Program Disclaimer

Wastebuilt provides repairs on automated side loader arms to extend the useful life of these products. Any used arms repaired or sold by Wastebuilt are repairs to products legally owned by Wastebuilt or its customers and not subject to any contracts explicitly restricting repair. Wastebuilt does not manufacture new arms, nor refurbish arms that have reached the end of their useful life.

Visit Wastebuilt ASL Arm Repair Program Page or call 1-855-767-8536.