Wastebuilt is pleased to announce Fleetbuilt®, a private-label brand of high-quality replacement parts for fleets of all shapes and sizes. From Light-Duty thru Heavy-Duty, the Fleetbuilt offering will evolve to include a wide range of products in various categories including brake components, wheel-in components, silicone hoses and more.

Fleetbuilt 3030 Brake ChambersThe launch of Fleetbuilt comes with the release of a new line of heavy-duty brake chambers, including the popular 3030S and 3030SL models. Information on Fleetbuilt Brake Chambers can be found under the Chassis Parts section of our website.

The Fleetbuilt brand will be sold exclusively through Wastebuilt locations across the U.S. Below is additional FAQ information on Fleetbuilt.

What are Fleetbuilt parts? Fleetbuilt parts are a private-label brand of high-quality replacement parts sold through Wastebuilt locations across the U.S. Fleetbuilt parts are sourced through experienced, high-quality manufacturers to provide excellent value in terms of quality and reliability for their price.

What type of parts will be offered by Fleetbuilt? Product plans continue to evolve but will include a carefully chosen line of Heavy, Medium and Light-Duty parts for fleets of all types and sizes.

Are Fleetbuilt parts designed and manufactured by Wastebuilt? No. All parts are designed and manufactured by leading suppliers under a private label contract with Wastebuilt. These parts will be marketed and sold under the Fleetbuilt brand by Wastebuilt.

What is the warranty on Fleetbuilt parts and who stands behind the product? The warranty will vary by product type and will be backed the company manufacturing those parts through Wastebuilt.

Will Fleetbuilt parts be packaged and branded as Fleetbuilt branded parts? In most cases yes. They are private label replacement parts sold under the Fleetbuilt brand by Wastebuilt.

About Wastebuilt
Founded in 2012, Wastebuilt is based in Bolingbrook, IL, and operates 12 branch locations in the US. We represent leading refuse equipment OEMs (Labrie, Leach, Wittke, New Way, Galfab), plus hundreds of national brands to support the parts and service needs of fleet customers. We offer same-day delivery in 11 metropolitan areas with 1-2 day shipping to most U.S. customers. To learn more or check product availability and pricing, contact Wastebuilt at 855-927-8328.