Without the proper support plan, hydraulic hose failures can lead to costly downtime for refuse trucks and related equipment. Depending on your operation and equipment, downtime can mean days, if not weeks, combined with substantial costs of $1,000+ per day! This article presents a popular solution for reducing hydraulic related downtime for fleets by converting your shop to high-quality Eaton Aeroquip hose and fittings with Wastebuilt.

What are the benefits of converting a shop to Eaton Aeroquip with Wastebuilt?
To avoid this costly hydraulic related downtime, more and more fleets are converting to in-house stocking programs that include an on-site inventory of Eaton Aeroquip hoses, fittings, and tooling designed for your operation and equipment. Unlike most hydraulic dealers, Wastebuilt maintains significant hose and fitting stock geared specifically towards commercial vehicles, especially refuse and recycling equipment.

How does Aeroquip tooling and inventory work with a conversion?
In most situations, Wastebuilt provides the necessary cutting and crimping tools at no additional cost to customers who source their hose and fittings inventory exclusively through Wastebuilt. Additionally, Wastebuilt can provide VMI (Value Managed Inventory) service that’s catered to the unique needs of individual fleets or specific maintenance locations.

What is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and how does it help?
Vendor managed inventory (VMI) is an inventory management technique in which the supplier of the product (i.e. Wastebuilt) takes full responsibility for optimizing and maintaining the inventory held by the buyer (i.e. fleet, dealer, manufacturer). Vendor managed inventory (VMI) is a supply chain initiative where the supplier is authorized to manage inventories of agreed-upon stock-keeping units at customer locations. The benefits of VMI are well recognized by successful businesses such Amazon, Wal-Mart, Bosch, The benefits are:

  • Customer-specific inventory is optimized by the Wastebuilt
  • Fewer out of stock situations = faster repairs & less equipment downtime
  • Inventory-carrying costs are reduced
  • Better collaboration = more reliable supply
  • Better replenishment = faster inventory turns
  • Less allocated manpower for inventory management = reduced costs for the buyer
  • More consistent inventory through improved communications

What requirements are there for the customer to convert to Aeroquip with Wastebuilt?
It depends on the customer, but a typical requirement is an initial order size of at least $5,000 and an agreement that all their hose and fittings are purchased through Wastebuilt. This initial setup cost is not unusual with any hose manufacturer because you cannot “mix and match” different hose manufacturers in a given shop.

How long does the typical conversion to Aeroquip take with Wastebuilt?
From the time the customer agrees to the initial setup order, the conversion can be completed in 1 to 2 weeks. Tooling use and training are typically completed at the same time. Unlike other hydraulic dealers, Wastebuilt stocks all the fast-moving hose and fittings products used on refuse trucks and commercial vehicles in their regional branches across the U.S.

What are the typical steps to complete the conversion process to Aeroquip?

  1. Quote the customer on a setup order geared toward their needs and equipment
  2. The customer provides a PO to initiate the order
  3. Inventory and tooling are ordered and shipped to the customer
  4. Competitive product is “lifted” from the customer and lift credits are applied (if applicable)
  5. New equipment/tooling is installed and bins are labeled accordingly
  6. Inventory is stocked at onsite and equipment is calibrated
  7. Customer technicians are trained by Wastebuilt field staff or product management

Is training provided or required as part of the conversion process?
Yes. Unless the customer is already familiar with Aeroquip, the tools, crimping, and assembly process are unique to each hose manufacturer. Given the equipment can be dangerous if not used properly and the hose assemblies need to handle thousands of PSI, the customer’s shop personnel need to be trained properly. Wastebuilt has infield “experts” serving every major region in the U.S., along with Product Management to provide onsite Aeroquip training.

As an authorized Eaton Aeroquip Express dealer, Wastebuilt offers a comprehensive solution to your fleet’s need for high-quality hydraulic hose and fittings. Backed by a robust inventory, tooling and trained staff, Wastebuilt is the go-to hydraulics solution for hundreds of refuse fleets across the U.S. To learn more about converting your shops to Aeroquip, contact Wastebuild at 1-855-927-8328, find the nearest Wastebuilt location, download the Eaton Aeroquip Catalog or visit our Hydraulic Hose and Fittings page.