Wastebuilt is pleased to offer an updated line of replacement parts and kits for Curotto-Can. Included in the updated line of high-quality replacement parts are four refurb kits. When buying these parts as a kit you’ll save time and money while extending the reliable operation of your Curotto-Can!

  • Refurb Kit CK-856-5091 – Spindles and hubs, Grippers and belts, Cylinders and linkages, Pin and bushing kit, Wear strip kit, Fasteners
  • Pin and Bushing Kit CK-856-5030-001 – Complete set of pin and bushings
  • Floor Refurb Kit CK-856-5092-001 – Pre-formed steel bottom floor sheet; No need to remove original floor
    or any part of the Can to install the kit; Spacing provided for existing and new welding points; Includes three (3) new skid plates, along with the pre-formed bottom floor sheet
  • Wear Strip Kit CK-856-5030-002 – Four (4) wear strips and all fasteners for installation

Benefits of Refurb Kits Using Replacement Parts

  • Regular wear maintenance extends the reliable operation of your Can
  • High-quality OEM grade materials, engineering and testing
  • Reduce Can structure wear with routine pin and bushing changes
  • Extend Can life with regular maintenance
  • Order replacement parts as a kit and save!
  • Download Brochure: Replacement Parts for Curotto-Can

To learn more about Wastebuilt replacement parts for Curotto-Can, availability and pricing, contact Wastebuilt at 855-927-8328 or online via our Refuse Body Parts page.

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