Wastebuilt repairs all makes and models of automated side-loader arms minimizing truck downtime by providing drop-in replacements.

ASL ARM Rebuild Program Flyer

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Pictured: Labrie “right hand” arm before & after refurbishment.

Worn ASL ARMRefurbished ASL ARM

ASL Arm Repair Program Overview:

The program provides the ability for automated fleets to have ready replacement for a high-wear component

  • Wastebuilt is the premier repair shop for economically extending the useful life of side arms.
    • Provided that the arm qualifies to be refurbished, there is a fixed price for base scope of work.
    • You do not have to own cores – core charges only if not a complete core.
    • Wastebuilt provides a custom cradle for shipping the arms; there is no fee for the cradle unless it is not returned.
    • In the typical exchange, Wastebuilt will ship a refurbished arm and you will send back a worn, but repairable arm on the same cradle.
    • If the core is not repairable within the terms of the agreement, or not shipped back within 30 days we will charge the location that did not ship the repairable core to Wastebuilt $4,500.


  • Fast turnaround, reducing downtime
  • Substantial savings as opposed to buying new
  • Able to refurbish the nation’s top brands
  • OEM quality parts used throughout the process; 90%+ made in USA

We make it convenient for you

  • Bring the truck to our shop and we replace the used arm with a refurbished arm within 24 hours (additional time and material charges apply)
  • Or, Wastebuilt ships refurbished arm to your location and you ship back the repairable core (orders will ship by LTL carrier within 24 hours with an expected 24 to 48 hour transit time)
McNeilus Automated Side-Loader Arm

Automated Side-Loader Arm

Labrie Automated Side-Loader Arm

Labrie Automated Side-Loader Arm

Our Understanding

“We have a business problem that needs to be solved.  How can you help us do that?”  ~ Customer

Your fleet includes automated side-load collection vehicles.  The automated arms on these units are high-wear components and you are interested in a proposal to help address this issue.

    • Currently refurbished arms are done in our own service shops/TM shops
    • Key goals of this program are to minimize downtime and reduce long term maintenance cost
    • You provide specific information regarding the number and types of arms in your fleet, and those additional details will help us refine our proposal for stocking by brand, item, and geography.

The Core Charge Process

  • A worn arm is not the same thing as a broken arm – see photos.
  • The core needs to have remaining useful life to be refurbished.

1.Wastebuilt performs an inspection of each arm returned from you

2.Typically, a core will require some level of repair work to get it up to par for the next refurbishment.

3.Wastebuilt will summarize which wear parts, if any, need to be replaced to get the core ready for the refurbishment.

Worn Arm:

Worn ASL Arm Example

A repairable arm fails the handshake test but does not have any missing or broken components; the arm has a useful life remaining.

Broken Arm:

Broken Arm Example Photo

A damaged arm has broken or missing components or has been used to the point of damage.  In the above example a pin retainer is broken; as a result the pin worked its way out causing damage to the link arm during usage; the key to training service technicians is to learn to wear out an arm but not to the point of damage.

ASL arms are expected to wear – worn arms are repairable.  Extend the useful life of your automated arms in the most efficient and economical way.


  • 12-month warranty against defects due to materials and workmanship provided that OEM’s preventive maintenance schedule was followed.
  • Warranty will not apply to normal wear and tear nor does it apply to any arms that have been subject to misuse, lack of maintenance, misapplication and/or neglect, or that have been modified by other than Wastebuilt’s personnel or Acts of God.

We are ready when you are…

  • Gather information regarding expected demand for inventory planning: Complete the Arm Assessment Template for all arms.
  • Determine which locations are in scope
  • Agree upon volume commitment
  • Work together to determine which arms need starting inventory to provide immediate shipping and discuss options for how that process and funding will work.
  • You may have existing “cores” around the country with a useful life remaining that Wastebuilt can buy and repair.

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